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Chapter #2: Crypto trading platform – what we learned from our open beta3 min read

Jan 25, 2022 2 min

Chapter #2: Crypto trading platform – what we learned from our open beta3 min read

Reading Time: 2 minutes

We have been running a crypto trading platform focused on algorithmic trading for some time now over at and we have some beta users statistics to share.

Last week we announced our new project and outlined the end of support for the beta platform As’s goal is to create an innovative forex and crypto trading platform, allowing you to maximize your trading potential, we thought it would be good to reflect on the beta users’ data that drove us to the changes.

Free access for Qualified accounts.

  • Every since we introduced the option to use the CLEO platform for free if you fulfill set conditions, majority of new sign ups are using this offer. It makes sense. You don’t pay anything, and CLEO gets remunerated by your exchange from trading fees you normally pay anyway.
  • For this reason platform will be aimed at users with Qualified Binance accounts, who will be able to enjoy the platform for free and without limits.

No-code forex & crypto trading is here to stay.

  • Ability to set conditions that control your position’s entry and exit turned out to be the game changer for many of you. We saw average 58% win rate out of hundreds of thousands of positions opened over the course of a year. This means that traders using CLEO trading platform significantly outperform the rest of the market.
  • We are improving the platform’s abilities, data sets, and condition’s optionality to let you achieve even bigger success with us.

Be water, my friend.

  • Average user deployed 18 live-trading strategies within first three months of using the CLEO platform. There was many positive data points about why, but it also showed a weakness our beta platform had. You were creating strategies when all you wanted was a one-off smart trade. Essentially bending the platform to support what you really needed to do.
  • is taking this lesson to heart and will provide support for this type of trading above all else. Smart trading functionality will allow you to create one-off positions, modify them as they go, and use the most successful templates.

Innovative forex & crypto trading platform

Spot vs Futures trading.

  • Crypto spot market is where you build up your portfolio – to hold and keep for months/years. You want to trade on Derivates market. We get it now.
  • allows for trading only on supported Futures exchanges and forex brokers. We are starting with Binance Futures and will expand based on demand.
Cleo Trading Platform - trade forex & crypto like the professional trader you are
Preview of main features of the trading platform

There is so much more in store for us in the upcoming weeks. Go sign up to to stay in touch with the updates on our innovative forex and crypto trading platform.


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