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Cashback program – earn up to $6,000 just for trading through Cleo2 min read

Nov 7, 2022 2 min announces cashback program - earn up to $6,000 just for trading through!

Cashback program – earn up to $6,000 just for trading through Cleo2 min read

Reading Time: 2 minutes introduces Cashback Program for active traders – A way for you to earn up to $6,000 just for trading through Cleo!

Apart for offering stellar risk management and trading automation tools, the trading platform now offers a way to earn from sharing our vision in the affiliate program, and also your own trading activity.

What is the Cashback Program?

Cleo partnered with OKX via their API broker program. Within this program, receives part of the trading commission as a reward for the trading volume we manage to bring to OKX. And we at decided to share that reward with you.

Cleo defers 25-40 % of the reward to its users. So, for every trade made on OKX through Cleo Trading Platform, you will receive this rebate. The size of the rebate depends on your trading fee and the types of orders you place. You can earn up to $50 for every $1M traded volume generated through Cleo.

You will be earning extra cash while having full access’s advanced trading tools while trading on OKX – one of the biggest crypto exchanges.

Who can take part in the Cashback Program?

The conditions are fairly simple

  • Be an OKX user or create a new OKX account if you don’t have one. OKX does not require KYC verification.
  • Your OKX trading fee level must be Regular Fee level 1-5, VIP 1, or VIP 2. You can check your fee level here.
  • Your existing or newly created OKX account needs to be created without any referral code.
The cashback program is available for all Regular users, VIP 1, and VIP 2 users

After you meet the conditions above, all that’s left to do is to connect your OKX account to Cleo and start trading! The cashback payments are set automatically. They are deposited directly into your OKX account after every trade.

So, are you ready to get your trading game on? Sign up, connect your OKX account, start trading, and get your cashback while giving yourself a trading edge with


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